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Standard Chinchillas



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Standard Chinchillas are awesome medium-sized bunnies ranging in size from about 5 to 7 pounds.  To me they look like what Disney was looking at when he created Thumper.

 I must admit that raising Standard Chinchillas has been a bit of a challenge.  One of the first questions we asked when getting our original stock was what to cull for.  Five years later, we're still looking for an easy answer.  Culling for type is easy, but only 30 points out of 100 are allocated to type in the SP.  There's a whopping 65 points on the pelt; 30 of those points are allocated to fur (density, length & texture) and 35 points allocated to color (undercolor, ring color & definition, and surface color).  Since they don't get their permanent coat until about 8 months of age, I'm afraid that a lot of our better stock has taken a trip to the pet shop.  The answer we got from most of the breeders we had asked about culling was that they cull for what they like.

Length of coat to be between 1-1/4 to1-3/8 inches.  The rollback fur is to be very dense and fine in texture.

Undercolor to be dark slate blue.
Ring color to be pearl white (narrower than the undercolor) with a thin black edge.
Surface color to be a light band, brightly ticked with black guard hairs (wavy in appearance).

We have found Standard Chinchillas to be beautiful rabbits with great personalities.  They are just a tad bit bigger than a Florida White, are easy keepers (1/3 cup of feed and 1/4 cup of barley daily) and make wonderful pets.