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Our Rabbitries



Florida Whites
Holland Lops
Standard Chinchillas
Our Rabbitries



Inside Rabbitry


Yes, it's really our laundry room -- it's where it all started.  It also houses our camping equipment & gardening supplies/equipment.  This shot is looking towards the east where we have an air conditioner in the wall (the fan on top of the cages helps push the cool air towards the west wall).  Nest boxes are hung along the walls.  There is a double sink beneath the window.  These 15 holes were to be dedicated to the blue-eyed white Hollands, but since we've not yet had 15 BEW's worth keeping, the 6 holes facing the table house Florida Whites & miscellaneous Hollands.  The table is a catch-all (heater with a thermostat keeps it about 50 degrees even when it's freezing outside).

 This shot is of the south wall, just west of the laundry.  The stackers are set up on wheels to make them set up higher.  Notice that there are no rabbits in the bottom holes.  We keep them empty in winter as the rabbitry takes on water when we get over 1 inch of rainfall.  We had water 3 inches deep in there in December 2005. 

This shot is of the north wall.  We have 40 permanent holes in the "inside rabbitry".  When needed, we have several 18x24" single holes we can keep on the table.  This year our big improvement was the addition of an automatic watering system (don't miss those water bottles at all!).  We clean all the cages daily.  We keep shavings in the trays with those little plastic trays for mini gardens you get at Wal-Mart in the corners.  We just dump the urine in the sink, and the poo & any wet shavings & hay which has fallen into the tray is placed in the "green waste" toter and picked up for recycling weekly.

Outside Rabbitry


Our larger rabbits (Shelley's meat pens, etc.) were kept outside along the north side of the laundry room.  In 1998 we put a solid roof over the area, during which time we decided to go one step further and put in solid sides which enclosed a 13x22 foot area for 29 hanging cages.  The center of the rabbitry contains hanging cages with a pit of "Dry Stall" beneath which soaks up the urine & keeps the odor down.  We rake up the poo & waste hay twice a week.

This shot is facing the north & west walls.  These cages were originally set up like the center pit, but last year we put Flush-Kleen trays under the hanging cages which were adjacent to the walls.  Eventually the "Dry Stall" will be replaced with concrete.

 Outback Rabbitry


The "outback", aka "the boys room", is our newest rabbitry.  It's out back behind the laundry room.  We have a 2-tier, 6-hole wall mount Flush-Kleen system for our older Florida White bucks.  We also have a 12-hole, free standing modular Flush-Kleen system for our blue-eyed white & chin. Holland bucks.

It sounds like we have a lot of space, but when you figure that about 1/4 of our stock is over 7 years of age and another 1/4 are just hanging around as pets, we don't really have that many productive animals.