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Florida Whites



Florida Whites
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SS Butch, #BF3
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Molly's Boy/SS SB8

Florida Whites are dynamic little bunnies ranging in size from 4 to 6 pounds.  They are to be compact, well-balanced animals with equal length, width & depth of body.  The length of the ears is to be no greater than the depth of the body.  When we first got ours, we worked on breeding for more depth, then decided it would be easier to breed for shorter ears.

 Shelley originally began raising Florida Whites for her 4-H meat pen project.  Within two years she had produced several "Best in Show" animals, however had the "wind knocked out of her sails" with her meat pen project.  One year her pen was disqualified because one of the animals had slipped under 3.5# (our fair had a 3.5 minimum weight limit per animal, and her meat pen had sat in an unairconditioned barn in 105 degrees for two hours before being weighed), and another year she got disqualified because one of the animals had lost a toenail (she truly is a graduate from the "school of hard knocks").  Even though the Florida Whites are much smaller than Californians or New Zealands, they do make a beautiful meat pen.  We found help with the weight issue by starting the kits on Bunny Starter when the litter was three weeks old.  We also found that by breeding a mother and two daughters to the same buck (compatible but non-related), we got more uniformity. 

 Shelley sold almost her entire Florida White herd at the 2001 ARBA Convention in San Diego, leaving home about 4 bucks, 7+ years of age.  Then two years later, we bought one of our does back from a 4-H'er who was going off to college and also bought another doe out of unrelated lines from Ashley Garza, and began doing some limited breeding. We had gone through a tough time with our Hollands that year and had no Florida White moms to foster onto (we had lost quite a few Holland litters). 

 Last year Jean Gomez asked us to take back some stock we had sold her late husband years before, and we were able to find space for two more bucks and two does.  Last year we also picked up a buck out of our old lines from Amy & Logan Van Allen, and got another buck out of our lines from Andrea Adams.  Our main herd now consists of 7 bucks and 3 does.

 It has always been a pleasure to have Florida Whites in our rabbitry.  They are easy keepers (only need 1/4 cup of feed & 1/4 cup of rolled barley daily), they are very hardy (usually expire between 10 to 12 years of age), the does are excellent foster moms (a most valuable trait for a breeder who also raises Holland Lops), they are very friendly (good for 4-H projects) and are almost always ready to go off to a show when invited